Primark Haul 

Who doesn’t love Primark? I am totally In love with Primark! Well I hadn’t been to primark in a while as I did not get time… So i did have a treat last week visiting Primark with mom.. To be honest they really do have the coolest trend going on right now 😊

So in Primark i picked up t-shirts and makeup..

So lets see what I got.

So I really wanted to buy more t-shirts. So I picked up 4 great t-shirts! 

So the first one which I got is a white striped tee which is very comfy and at the same time it is stylish for only £2.00!! I got this tee from the reduced price section.

This black tee is also very comfortable to wear as it is very soft only for £2.80! I think you should really check out primark tee section. 


So the last two t-shirts are sleeveless. They also are really comfy. And they have this design in white which is looking really nice and cute. These are only £3.00 each. 

So next is makeup. I really did not get that much from the makeup section. I just got two things so lets see what I got.. 

So i got this really nice peach tone blush. There were more options But i got this peach tone blush which is in the shade Kahlua .This is great for summers. And it gives a matte finish. I would highly recommend you going to primark and buying this blush. And guess what? Its only £1.50! 

So I’ve already spoke about primark mascara in my ” Whats In My Makeup Bag? ” post. So i got this new mascara from primark which is the eyeconic mascara. So it says that it is a intense black lengthening and full volume mascara. It is really good and its only for £2.00. So I couldn’t ask for more for a £2.00 mascara.  

That’s it for my Primark haul, thank you for reading ☺️

What is your favourite item from Primark?


2 thoughts on “Primark Haul 

  1. where is primark i see it everywhere on here but do not know where it is hahah these tops are so cute!! made me so interested in primark!


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