Superdrug Haul

Ok so if you know me I really love going to superdrug. So this time I thought why not just order it and not actually go to a store.

Ok so I clicked on to the skin section and I was looking for a mild facewash. And I found this Clearsil Skin Perfecting Wash. I bought this for £5.00. And It’s a brilliant product I wish I’d known this product before. It soothes the skin and helps you reduce your acne scars. I would highly recommend this as this is a very affordable facewash.

Ok so I know im a bit late with this lipstick. But I thought why not give it a try. I have bought the shade Mocha which has a peachy tint to it. It does have a slight scent. But it really does what it claims to do. Finally! I found it really easy to apply with ease and the doe foot. It has lasted all day but the thing is that at the end of the day it does make my lips feel a bit dry. So I would recommend  you use a lip scrub before applying the lipstick.

The next product which I bought was the makeup revolution palettes one was the bronzer palette and the other one was the sugar and spice blush palette.

Ok so this is the all about bronze palette. These bronzers are definitely not that brown. I got this for £4.00. They have an orange tint to them i personally don’t like that orange tone to them. I wouldn’t recommend this palette for someone who wants cool tone contouring as this doesn’t have any colours similar to cool tone brown. It does have a soft texture its great value but the colours that are given are not that good it could have been much better.

Ok so next one is the sugar and spice blushpalette. I got this for £4.00. I am totally In love with this palette It is gorgeous and it’s so pigmented im loving it. The highlighters are just great for me! I wasnt expecting the blushers to be that pigmented but the pigmentation is like a lot of high end blushers.

Ok so I’ve heard a lot about this.. That it’s the dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade. And its only for £5.00 what can you expect? Its perfect. Well now that I have bought it. It really is a dupe! I have the shade Dark Brown. It really is perfect it’s really not that wet or too dry its just the perfect consistency. I personally would highly recommend this to anyone who loves the anastasia beverly hill brow pomade trust me you would love this as much as you love your ABH pomade❤️

Ok so the last product which I bought was the Nivea Oil Free Day Moisturising Day Cream. Which contains 50 ml. Its £4.10 in Superdrug. As I am very oily I need a day cream which balances my oily skin. It really makes my skin soft and smooth and also refreshes my skin all day long which I love. Your skin will look good after you will apply this moisturizer and then your makeup turns really good and as you all know the key to flawless makeup is that it depends on how you are taking care off your skin before you apply any kind of makeup❤️

I hope you all enjoyed seeing my superdrug haul !! Have you got any of these products? What are your thoughts on these products? Which are your favourites?


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